PlayChip is currently listed on Independent Reserve, Bittrex, HitBTC, IDEX and LATOKEN. 

When sending PlayChips directly to a PlayChip wallet on an exchange you must use the Fast Withdrawal option (be sure to subtract 100 PLA off for the fee). Alternatively, you can transfer them to an ERC20 compliant wallet via the Free Withdrawal and send on to the exchange address from there.

We recommend conducting independent research on how to successfully complete a blockchain transaction.

When transferring to an exchange, they must have a specified PlayChip deposit address. Do not send anything to an Ethereum address on an exchange - PlayChip addresses only.

You may also transfer PlayChips to an Ethereum wallet capable of adding and storing custom ERC20 tokens (such as MyEtherWallet). The technical information required to view the tokens in such a wallet is located in the Technical section of the FAQs.