KYC (Know-Your-Customer) is mandatory identity verification required by the PlayXchange (PXC) in order to distribute tokens. All token holders must pass KYC verification in order to receive PlayChips. This is mandated by Australian law.

There is an automated process to conduct KYC on the PXC, however it is not available for all countries. If you cannot pass, or cannot access automated KYC, then you must undergo the manual process outlined in the KYC Submission Guide. Please thoroughly read this article prior to, or whilst you conduct manual KYC on the PlayXchange Support Portal. Please allow for 7-10 working days to complete this process.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is mandatory customer verification required by AUSTRAC. All token holders must pass AML verification in order to receive PlayChips.

We will conduct AML via a third party. If you are awaiting manual verification note there is nothing you need to provide us in order to pass AML. You will receive an email from PlayXchange Support notifying you when you have passed AML and are free to access your PlayChips.