Please see this video for an overview in conducting this process.

Auto-KYC is only available for a select group of countries. You can attempt it under the "Verify Identity" button under the Settings tab.

If it is available for your country, please ensure that your details in the Profile section match perfectly against the ID numbers you will be submitting. If you have not properly updated your profile you may risk locking your account and having to manually verify, which takes significantly longer.

Once your profile is up to date (check name, DOB and address) you may attempt verification. Enter the ID numbers requested and hit the submit button. Please tick ALL of the consent boxes at the bottom of the page prior to submitting.

Note that it can take a moment to process as it is calling more than one API - please wait up to 10-15 seconds after hitting this button before attempting again.

If verification fails, please conduct a manual submission. Please read the KYC Submission Guide prior to doing so.