Before commencing the below process, please ensure that the name, date of birth and address in your PlayWallet account reflect what is on your KYC documentation. If these details do not match you will not pass KYC verification. 

If you have any difficulties reading this guide, please view this video for an overview of the process.

Please note that if you hold a PAN card and a Voter ID that includes your DOB you may submit an auto-submission. We encourage you to return to the PlayWallet, ensure your profile is up to date and reflects the information displayed on these cards, and submit for auto-verification. This will save you and our KYC team a lot of time and you will gain access to your tokens much faster.

Please note that in order to pass KYC verification we are required to confirm your name and address or date of birth. 

We require the following:

  • An Aadhar Card that includes your name, DOB and/or address
  • A selfie that includes you holding your Aadhar Card without obstruction

  • If your Aadhar Card does not contain DOB or address, you must also supply a supporting ID document that includes your name with either DOB or address

It will then prompt you to:

  • Enter your Aadhar Card number
  • Take a close-up picture of your Aadhar Card and then check a box. We will only accept photographs of the lower third of the card that clearly shows your image, name and DOB. We do not accept scanned copies - photographs only
  • Take a selfie holding your Aadhar Card; a clear view without obstruction and then check a box. Again, photograph the lower third only that shows your image and details.
  • Enter the name of the type of supporting document and its number if your Aadhar Card does not contain either your DOB or address
  • Take a close-up photo of your supporting ID if supplied and then check a box
  • Attach the photo of your Aadhar Card and then check a box
  • Attach the selfie holding your your Aadhar Card and then check this box
  • Check a box if you don't need to provide any Supporting ID,  or
  • Check a box when you have attached any supporting ID, attach the photo of it and then check this box.  

With regard to the attachments, please attach each file as an individual attachment and ensure that all images are clear.  JPEG format is preferred. It is most important that we are able to view the document image, name and date of birth. Mind the flash on your camera. If we cannot see your image on the ID clearly, we will ask you to resubmit. Please take the time to ensure we can see all the important details required prior to your submission to ensure a speedy process for both parties. 

Please follow these instructions in order to complete the KYC process.


  1. Go to the PlayWallet and check your profile has the same details as the information on the IDs that you are going to supply and take a screenshot of it
  2. Go to PlayWallet support, create an account (if you don't already have one) - you must use the same email address as your PlayWallet account
  3. Submit a KYC Submission ticket
  4. Complete the ticket details as described above

We will then perform the KYC checks and if they pass, we will mark your PlayWallet account as Verified and advise you via email.

If you follow the instructions above carefully, we are very likely to be able to verify you without having to ask for subsequent information,

Detailed instructions:

1.  Go to PlayWallet Support

2. You will receive an email asking you to verify the address, click the activation link 

3. Log in to the PlayWallet support desk using your account credentials

4. Click “New Support Ticket” 


5. Once the ticket has been opened select “KYC Verification” from the Request Category menu

6. Fill out the entirety of the KYC application and submit the photo ID, any supplementary documentation and selfie using the 'Attach a file' link at the bottom of the form. If you are able to copy and paste the images of your documents into the text field itself, rather than attach them as images, it will help make the process a lot faster. Please submit as JPGs where possible.

If you cannot see your country in the list provided, please select "Other". Please note that the DOB field is tricky. Click the oldest year you can, then go back into the field and continue to click back until you reach your year. Once you have verified that the data you have entered is correct click the 'Submit' button. 

In this field be sure to write what IDs you are attaching.


Once you have submitted all of your documentation, please allow for up to 24 hours to complete full KYC and AML verification. Once this has been done you will be notified by email that KYC has been completed. 

If you have any questions regarding the KYC/AML procedure, please feel to submit them via support ticket via PlayWallet Support. If you wish to enquire about the status of your submission, please read the What does my ticket status mean? FAQ. If you want to enquire directly with us after reading this FAQ, please respond directly to the ticket itself, which is found in the "Tickets" section of PlayWallet Support.